The Gates of Tagmeth is the 8th book in the chronicles.

According to the Amazon blurb, Jame, under Torisen's instructions, sets out to reestablish Tagmeth with Marc as her steward, Brier as her captain. The Merikit, being so close by, appear again too.[1]

Publishing HistoryEdit

  • April 20, 2016: The manuscript has been submitted to Baen.[2]
  • October 20, 2016: Publication has been scheduled for July 2017.[3]
  • Amazon shows that The Gates of Tagmeth will be published August 1, 2017.[1]


to Liz
and Marc
and all of the horses
we have known

P. C. Hodgell, The Gates of Tagmeth,


  • Map
  • Chapter I: Gothregor (Spring 50—Spring 60)
  • Chapter II: Departure (Spring 60—Summer 15)
  • Chapter III: Northward Bound (Summer 15—25)
  • Chapter IV: Visitors (Summer 45—55)
  • Chapter V: Dreams and Deeper (Summer 55—64)
  • Chapter VI: Miming in the Hills (Summer 65—66)
  • Chapter VII: All Things Rampant (Summer 100—102)
  • Chapter VIII: Autumn's Eve (Summer 120)
  • Chapter IX: A Lather of Yackcarn (Autumn 1—36)
  • Chapter X: The Gates of Tagmeth (Autumn 37—Winter's Eve)
  • Chapter XI: In Stranger Fields (Winter 10—35)
  • Chapter XII: Tracks in the Snow (Winter 36—63)
  • Chapter XIII: Death and Life (Winter 63—66)
  • Chapter XIV: An Enemy at the Gates (Winter 66—74)
  • Chapter XV: Meanwhile (Winter 90)
  • Chapter XVI: The High Council (Winter 95—100)
  • Chapter XVII: Blood on the Floor (Winter 100)
  • Lexicon


the novels
God Stalk
Dark of the Moon
Seeker's Mask
To Ride a Rathorn
Bound in Blood
Honor's Paradox
The Sea of Time
The Gates of Tagmeth

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