Once everything for days in all directions belonged to the Sea of Time. Ah, consider how much of the present floats atop the past. When the Sea died, or seemed to, so did its attendants and all that lived in it. But something that large and powerful never completely goes away. Desert sledge still calls to the memory of water, as you have learned, have you not?
Granny Sit-by-the-Fire, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter IX: Into the Wastes", III

The Sea of Time is the seventh book in P. C. Hodgell's Kencyr series.

It covers the period where Jame is in Kothifir with the Southern Host as a second year randon cadet.

Publishing HistoryEdit

  • May 2, 2011 – P.C. Hodgell's SEA OF TIME, the next book in the series featuring Jamethiel Kencyrath, was bought by Baen.
  • December 5, 2011: Baen is asking for tip sheet material ... although it isn't due for more than a year.[1] Presumably that means The Sea of Time won't be published until late 2013?
  • FYI: as of January 2012, Sea of Time is on Baen's production schedule for a January 2013 release
  • Simon and Schuster claims it's scheduled for January 1, 2013, but P. C. Hodgell says the manuscript isn't due to Baen until May 1, 2013, so the book will probably be later.
  • September 12, 2012: Toni Weisskopf mentioned that Sea of Time will be out in late 2014, with an Electronic Advanced Reader Copy available sooner.[2] The placeholder listing on now shows December 2, 2014 as the date.
  • May 1, 2013 - the manuscript, about 120,000 words, turned into Baen. It's tentatively scheduled for Summer 2014, with a new cover artist.[3]


In memory of
Diana Wynne Jones
A fantasy writer without equal

P. C. Hodgell, The Sea of Time,


  • Maps
  • Prologue: A Knock on the Door (Kothifir: Summer 45)
  • Chapter I: Kothifir (Summer 55)
  • Chapter II: A Willow Rampant (Summer 56)
  • Chapter III: Summer Solstice (Summer 66)
  • Chapter IV: Red Dust (Summer 100)
  • Chapter V: An Unexpected Guest (Summer 110)
  • Chapter VI: Challenges (Summer 111)
  • Chapter VII: Equinox (Autumn 1–36)
  • Chapter VIII: Pounding on the Door (Autumn 49)
  • Chapter IX: Into the Wastes (Autumn 50–Winter 12)
  • Chapter X: The Sea of Time (Winter 13–15)
  • Chapter XI: Night in a Lost City (Winter 14–15)
  • Chapter XII: A Season of Discontent (Winter 16–65)
  • Chapter XIII: Dreams and Nightmares (Autumn 50–Winter 14)
  • Chapter XIV: Winter Solstice (Winter 65)
  • Chapter XV: Winter's Tales (Winter 80)
  • Chapter XVI: Lost Children (Winter 90)
  • Chapter XVII: Wolver Hunt (Winter 95)
  • Chapter XVIII: "Please" (Winter 100)
  • Chapter XIX: A Walk into Shadows (Winter 100)
  • Chapter XX: A Season of Fog (Winter 110)
  • Chapter XXI: Before the Storm (Winter 120)
  • Chapter XXII: The End of Many Things (The Feast of Fools)
  • Chapter XXIII: The Feast of Fools
  • Characters


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