What would the Talisman have done? Climbed the wall? Picked the lock? Turned and fought? But she was only the Talisman’s Trinket, not the Talisman herself.
Patches's narration, "The Talisman's Trinket", III

"The Talisman's Trinket" is a short story written in 2011 and published on the Baen website (see here) after Bound in Blood but before Honor's Paradox. It follows the night of the last two chapters of God Stalk, from the point of view of Patches.


  1. "The Talisman's Trinket", I — "it was only two days since the Sirdan Theocandi had beaten his opponent Men-dalis in the Thieves’ Guild Election."
  2., "The Talisman’s Trinket"
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