The thieves' guild is the most powerful professional organization in Tai-tastigon, so much so that it usually has a representative on the city's governing council, the Five. Guild members obey both Guild and municipal laws (the latter rather peculiar, in some cases) and are considered respectable citizens—unless they get caught.
God Stalk, "Appendix I: The Thieves' Guild"

The Thieves' Guild of Tai-tastigon occupies a unique position in that city.


At the time of God Stalk.


The Guild is led by a Sirdan, who is Theocandi during the period that Jame is in Tai-tastigon. He is elected every seven years.

Lords of the Five CourtsEdit

Master thievesEdit

A master is an accomplished and distinguished thief who has passed through the ranks of apprentice and journeyman. There are only a hundred landed masters in the Guild, each granted one of the city's districts as his territory or manor. Only landed masters can take on apprentices or vote for the masters' two representatives to the Guild Council. In addition, there are landless masters, who have the rank but not those privileges.[1] The rank of Master is awarded by the Guild Council.[2]


A journeyman is a qualified thief who's completed an apprenticeship and demonstrated competence at the craft. Candidates for journeyman appear to be approved by the Guild Council;[2] it's uncertain as to whether this is only once every seven years, or on a more regular basis.

  • Darinby, under Master Galishan
  • Jame, under Master Penari
  • Bane, under Sirdan Theocandi


An apprentice is taken on by a master thief. New apprentices are registered with the Guild secretary at the Sirdan's Palace.[3] The apprentice swears an oath to the guild; when Penari takes Jame as his apprentice, she is asked by the secretary: Do you swear to obey the laws of the Thieves' Guild of Tai-tastigon, to uphold its institutions, to conduct yourself to its credit and to that of your master? All but very low-value stealings of apprentice become property of the apprentice's master.[4]

Many boys come to Tai-tastigon from the provinces, and see out sponsers in the Guild.[5]


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