Next were Those-Who-Returned, whom Ganth in his madness had driven back at the high passes of the Ebonbane. […] At any rate, by the time Those-Who-Returned had limped back, the Kencyrath had had little room for them except as yondri-gon, threshold-dwellers, in whatever house would give them shelter. In token of their fervent hope that the Highlord would one day return, many had branded themselves with the Knorth sigil, the same highly stylized rathorn head used to mark the Knorth herd.
Torisen's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter VIII: A Forgotten Name", II

Those-Who-Returned is the name given to those Knorth Kendar who went with Ganth into exile but were driven back by him at the high passes of the Ebonbane, returning to find a Riverland with little room for them, where they could be taken in only as yondri-gon in whatever house would give them shelter.[1]

The Knorth Kendar keep close track of status, which is largely defined by how loyal they or their parents were to Ganth when he threw down his name and title after the Battle of the White Hills. Most worthy were the Exiles, who went with Ganth all the way to his exile in the Keep in the far north, but all of those died there except for Ganth's children, Jame and Tori, and in addition Ishtier and Ganth's Kendar mistress, Bane's mother, who escaped with the priest. Next highest in their estimation were Those-Who-Returned, who were forced by Ganth to turn back, rather than breaking faith. Those who remained in the Riverland were considered the Faith-breakers; most of those found permanent places in other houses, and many considered Ganth to have betrayed them.

Torisen's goal has been to reclaim as many of Those-Who-Returned and their families as possible.


  1. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter VIII: A Forgotten Name", II
Status of Knorth after Ganth's exile
Exiles Those-Who-Returned Oath-breakers

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