This was a dwelling of the Three-Faced God. Torrigion, That-Which-Creates; Argentiel, That-Which-Preserves; Regonereth, That-Which-Destroys: names rarely spoken out-loud and never all at the same time, names whose very mention could bring down a power that few men could now control and whose potential even for casual destruction was all too clearly shown by this graveyard of homes and hopes. This and none other was her own god, the one who had taken the Three People […] and made them one against the enemy from outside, Perimal Darkling, Father of Shadows. […] Chosen they were and proud, but bitter, too, over long delay, and angry that, the task being set, their god had apparently left them to accomplish it alone.
Jame's narration, God Stalk,
"Chapter 1: Out of the Haunted Lands"

The Three-Faced God is the Kencyr deity. It has three aspects:


the Three Faces of God

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