Not to worry. It only hurts when I stand, and worth every damned toenail.
Tigon, Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry,
"Among the Dead"

Tigon, also known as just Tig, was a Knorth Kendar who went into exile with Ganth and died when Gerridon's troops stormed the Keep searching for Jame and the Book Bound in Pale Leather.

Driven slowly insane by the Haunted Lands, their hopeless life, and Ganth's insanity, he eventually cuts off and roasts his own toes in a crazed craving for meat.[1] He says they might grow back, and given that Kencyr can regrow teeth that were knocked out, this might even be true.

Torisen and Jame both say he was covered in battle scars.[2][3]

Jame attempted to burn his body in a pyre along with the other dead, but not knowing the pyric rune, and with insufficient fuel, she was unsuccessful. When Torisen, Kindrie, and Willow pass through to the Haunted Lands from the White Hills while on their way to the Cataracts with the Northern Host in Dark of the Moon, Torisen gets Kindrie to use the pyric rune to burn the bodies.[2]


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