Winnie's child… d'you think he was the third? Remember? We used to dream that there were three of us.
Jame, Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry,
"Among the Dead"

Tob was Winter and Sere's son, born in the Haunted Lands after Sere's death. He was, Winter tells Jame and Tori, "slow", and his depiction in the tapestries in the master chamber of the Keep shows him as "empty-eyed".

When Jamethiel Dream-Weaver gave birth to twins in that master chamber, she had no milk; Winter was the only possible wet-nurse, since Tob had not been weaned; there was nothing suitable for a small child to eat in the Haunted Lands. Winter could not nurse three; she describes how Tob ran to Jamethiel who held him, and how Tob's soul left him in her arms. Winter then "took care of the rest."[1]


  1. Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry, "Among the Dead" — " 'Your mother had no milk. I was still nursing Tob, there being nothing fit in this accursed land to feed a child. Besides, he was… slow. Even then, two nurslings I could have managed. Not three. […] Your mother was so beautiful. Tob ran to her, and I let her hold him. In her arms, his soul left him. I… dealt with what was left.' "

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