The spellings Turvie and Torvi are both used in the books.

Torvi the Molocar rose and ambled over to inspect the new dog. His paws on Gorbel’s shoulders, he presented the lordan with jaws capable of removing the front of his head, skull and all. […] “Down,” he said with the authority of a hunt master. Torvi licked his face apologetically and retreated.
Jame's narration, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter III: Pyres and the Pit", III

Turvie,[1] later spelled Torvi,[2] is the Molocar pup that Gorbel gives to Tarn after Torvo dies.[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XX: The Bear Pit", II — "the Danior cadet Tarn wrestling with a Molocar pup. Young as it was, all bumbling paws and flopping dewlaps, it easily bowled him over and sat on his chest, licking his face. 'The Caineron Lordan gave him to me,' he explained, trying to escape its great, sloppy tongue. 'We haven't bonded yet, and of course nothing can replace Torvo—Turvie, stop that!—but still…' "
  2. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter III: Pyres and the Pit", III — "The Danior Tarn was already there with his Molocar pup Torvi;"

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