The treasure towers are where King Krothen of Kothifir stores all his treasure, that he accumulated by taxes the caravans from Langadine.[1] The Southern Host is payed out of treasure towers. These towers contain incredible wealth, and their king hording such wealth is a sore spot with the people of Kothifir.[2] During the Change, control of the towers equals control of the city.[3] Because of this, the towers are well fortified, with granite walls and iron doors. Despite this, Needham and his followers try (and fail) to storm the towers in The Sea of Time.[4]


  1. The Sea of Time, "Chapter IX: Into the Wastes", I — " 'King Krothen has enough wealth to last a lifetime—and to pay for his pet hobby, the Southern Host. He already has two treasure towers full of the finest trade silk.' "
  2. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XVIII: 'Please' ", I — " 'We’re fresh off duty guarding Krothen’s treasure towers,' said Shrike. 'Prince Ton and Master Needham are both advocating that their wealth be distributed throughout the city—this, assuming that either the prince or Master Silk Purse can seize control of said towers.' […] At the moment, whoever controlled those towers controlled Kothifir. Krothen had gained vast wealth and considerable ill will over the years by claiming the best of the city’s spoils, but out of them came the Host’s pay."
  3. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XXI: Before the Storm" — " 'What about the treasure towers?' […] 'Everyone knows that control of them equals control of the city. Needham and his followers are constantly threatening to storm them, while Prince Ton wants to distribute their wealth to buy himself support.' "
  4. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XXII: The End of Many Things", III — "Master Needham was trying to breach the treasure towers with flame. Jame had seen them. They had no lower windows, iron doors, and granite walls. All in all, they hardly required guards. Needham’s chances of sacking the treasuries without inside help didn’t look good."

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