Trishien is wise as well as learned, which isn't always the same thing.
Jame, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter I: Songs in the Night"

Lady Trishien is the Jaran Matriarch, and Kirien's great-great-aunt.[2] She, like most Jaran, is a scrollswoman.


Trishien and Ganth were close when they were young, Gerraint thought the Jaran weren't good breeding stock,[3] and then Ganth saw the Dream-weaver.[4]


Like all lords and matriarchs, Trishien is Shanir with the power to bind Kencyr to her. Trishien is also a far-writer.


  1. Bound in Blood, "Chapter VIII: Glass of a Different Color", II — " ' "I've seen her, Trish," Ganth told me later,' "
  2. Seeker's Mask, "Part V: Mount Alban", III — "Jame remembered the Jaran Matriarch, serenely greeting her on her dash through the Gothregor basements. That was whom this self-possessed young woman reminded her of. 'Aunt?' she repeated tentatively, […] 'Great-great-aunt, actually.' "
  3. Bound in Blood, "Chapter VIII: Glass of a Different Color", II — " 'when we were both young, I was fond of your father and he of me. Under other circumstances, you might have been our son.' […] 'What happened?' Torisen asked […] Trishien shrugged, feeling the pinch of old pain, dismissing it. 'Your grandfather considered me to be of unsound breeding stock.' "
  4. The Sea of Time, "Chapter VIII: Pounding on the Door", II — " 'Ah, Trish. I could never love you as you deserved, not after I saw her.' "
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