The spellings trog and trock are both used in the books.

Trocks. The Builders brought them to Rathillien. Their digestive juices dissolve stone, you see, so they were useful in temple masonry and, I suppose, in hollowing out tunnels like this. […] [T]hey eat other things as well: lichen, boots, feet… […] Most areas around our temples have a problem with them, off and on. They don't like light, though.
Marc, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 7: A Rage of Rathorns"

The trogs (sometimes spelled trocks) are creatures like "rocks with teeth, given to infesting wells, dungeons, and latrines".[2]

Dure had a flesh-eating trock apparently bound to him, which he kept hidden in his pocket.[3] By accident or on purpose, it was dropped inside Higbert's clothes during a scythe-arms lesson. It irritated Higbert, maddening him and causing him to windmill his deadly blades.[4]

Dure also used his trock to eat through the lock during the Winter War. It exudes acid that dissolves metal as well as flesh, allowing fragments to be collected by black articulated feelers, and shoved into the trock's mouth.[5]


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