I will be sorry someday to lose that old one. He has as much sense as his creed allows him and, I suspect, somewhat more.
Gran Cyd, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter X: Spring Equinox"

Tungit is a Merikit shaman-elder, as well as the son of a shaman himself.[1] He appears at the various Merikit religious rituals all the way though Seeker's Mask, To Ride a Rathorn, Bound in Blood, and Honor's Paradox.

He's an old friend of Index, from when Index studied the Merikit long ago.[1] Tungit taught him a fair amount about Merikit religious rituals, although not much about Merikit society in general.[2]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Seeker's Mask, "Part VIII: Kithorn" — " 'when you studied the Merikit some eighty years ago, didn't you have a special crony among them? He was a shaman's son, I think.' 'All right!' said Index again. 'Yes, yes, yes! Tungit.' "
  2. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XIV: Two Chests", IV — "Index turned out to know a lot less about Merikit society in general than Jame had hoped. He had spent all his time with the shaman Tungit studying those rituals practiced by the Merikit men."

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