Twizzle is a hill-pup. Whatever I ask him to find, eventually he will, however the land folds.
Gorbel, Bound in Blood, "Chapter XVI: Gothregor and Tentir", VI

Twizzle is Gorbel's pet dog.[2] He is a pook, which is a rare breed of hill dog. Gorbel bring Twizzle to Kothifir with him in The Sea of Time.[3]


  1. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter III: Pyres and the Pit", III — " 'There’s definitely some link there,' said the Falconer, 'but undeveloped. You’d better start attending my classes.' "
  2. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XVI: Gothregor and Tentir", VI — "Gorbel had even had his pet pook sent from Restormir […] The shaggy little dog looked like a hassock, one end hardly distinguishable from the other. Moreover, the only way to determine how many feet it had was to flip it onto its back and rub its stomach, whereupon four paws flailed the air in delight and one end or the other of it made whuffling noises."
  3. The Sea of Time, "Chapter IV: Red Dust", II — " 'I see you brought your pook, Twizzle,' said Shade, indicating the furry lump at Gorbel’s heels."

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