The Tyr-ridan is a trio of prophesied Shanir personifying the three aspects of the Three-Faced God. When all three are present at the same time, the final battle with Perimal Darkling is supposed to occur, thus fulfil the duty of the Kencyrath.[1] Regonereth would go first, to destroy Perimal Darkling, with Argentiel on its heels to preserve what shouldn't be destroyed. Torrigon would come third to recreate.[2]

P. C. Hodgell has confirmed that this three will be:

Jame's identity as Nemesis, avatar of Regonereth, is suspected by Ashe and Kirien; Jame, musing, lists them while recovering after binding the rathorn, [3], but faces the problem of Kindrie's illegitimacy. The Arrin-ken Dark Judge avatar of the Burnt Man provides an obscure hint of Kindrie legitimacy to Jame when asserting his right to judge her.[4]


Before the Fall, matriarchs tried to breed the Tyr-ridan by mating together powerful Shanir, often blood-kin. After Cethron and Periel produced Jamethiel Dream-Weaver and Gerridon, who themselves produced the Fall, and the practice was deemed a bad idea.[5][6]


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