“There, straight ahead, with its summit blown off.”
 Not only was it big but wide, perhaps twenty miles from side to side. The walls towered, despite missing their heights, snow-crowned, black and forbidding below. Trickles of smoke rose from several points in the interior.
Tori's narration, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter XIII: Dreams and Nightmares", VI

Urakarn, sometimes called the Black Keep,[1] is the stronghold of the Karnids, a religious sect. It was attacked by the Southern Host by the order of Genjar, son of Caldane, Lord Caineron, in an attempt to make a name for himself. He went against orders from the Host's employer, the King of Kothifir. The Battle of Urakarn was a debacle and led to the capture of a great many Kencyr; the Karnide fanatics attempted forced conversion of many to their religion, which was unsuccessful since the Three-Faced God gave the Kencyr no choice. Many died in captivity, and only a small number escaped.


  1. Bound in Blood, "Chapter IX: Scrying Glass", I — " 'What about Urakarn?' he asked abruptly. […] 'It still gives me nightmares. But if my sister graduates from Tentir, she's likely to be assigned to the Southern Host at Kothifir.' 'So? That's hundreds of miles from the Black Keep.' "