Girls clad in yellow and black robes danced out of the shadow of towering stalagmites playing pipes. […] each one was wreathed with similarly colored snakes, their tails knotted together behind the girls’ necks. Each also carried a long wand at the end of which, tethered with a leash, fluttered a bat. The snakes strained to reach it, coil and strike, coil and strike. When one succeeded, cymbals clashed and the girls cried out in triumph. […] In their midst came a litter carried shoulder high on which sat the statue of a matronly woman festooned with stone serpents.
Jame's narration, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter I: Kothifir", III

Vediafest[2] is the Kothifiran festival of Mother Vedia. Even since King Krothen came to power, it has only been celebrated Undercliff.[3]


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