The Western Lands are a region of Rathillien that lies west of the Riverland, the Weald, and Bashti. Very little is know about this region, even by the the Four. Mother Ragga's map does not depict it,[1] nor does she know anything about it.[2] The Falling Man known similarly little about the region, though he agreed to go and look for Jame.[3] This lack of knowledge concerning the Western Lands been a roadblock for Marc in his mapmaking project.[4]

Marc says minor houses used to have Kencyr keeps in the Western Lands, as they did in the Eastern Lands, but that no one has heard from them in generations.[2]

There is also once talk of Caldane sending Sheth to some hinterlands, so far from the Riverland it takes a month to ride there.[5] It's not confirmed, but this may be somewhere in the Western Lands.


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