This article is about Winter, the Knorth Kendar. For the season, see Tastigon Calendar.

 The twins looked at each other. Jame asked for them both: "Do you still love us?"

 At last the Kendar turned. "Of course," she said. "You were my nurslings."

Jame and Winter, Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry,
"Among the Dead"

Winter was a female Knorth randon who was the mate of Sere and the mother of Tob. She was also the wet-nurse of Jame and Tori, and their first teacher.

Pregnant during the Battle of the White Hills, Winter was forced to kill Sere, who was crazed with their Lord Ganth's madness, in order to save their unborn son. She followed Ganth into exile at the Keep and gave birth there to Tob, who proved to be sickly;[2] she tells the twins that he was "slow", but the empty-eyed representation of Tob in the tapestries in the master chamber suggests he was worse than that.

When Jamethiel Dream-Weaver gave birth to twins in that master chamber, she had no milk; Winter was the only possible wet-nurse, since Tob had not been weaned; there was nothing suitable for a small child to eat in the Haunted Lands. Winter could not nurse three; she describes how Tob ran to Jamethiel who held him, and how Tob's soul left him in her arms.[3]

Winter, then, raised the twins and taught them as they got older; the Dream-Weaver was soon unable to remain in the Keep, and Ganth was in no state to look after them.

She taught Torisen the Senethar, though she refused to teach Jame because she was a lady.[4][2]

She carved them the little wooden cat figurine that they fought over, and which Torisen then held on to for decades.[5]

Ganth killed Winter with Kin-Slayer in a the mad rage that drove Jame from the keep, cutting her almost in two with the sword; realizing what he had done, the rage left him momentarily and he appeared "almost as stricken as the randon", but his rage returned at Jame and she ran out of the keep and into the Haunted Lands.

Corvine, a former Knorth randon now with the Randir, is Winter's cousin.[2]


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