Winter's Eve is the last day of autumn in the Tastigon Calendar. The next day is Winter's Day.


  • In the Eastern Lands, Winter's Eve is seen as the cutoff date for rain for a successful wheat crop.[2]
  • In Tai-tastigon, the Thieves' Guild Counil meets ever 7 years for the sirdan election[3]
  • In Tai-tastigon, the Archiem of Skyrr and the Metalondrian king have a biennial meetings.[4]


We are born, we live, we die, and life goes on. The tribe is one. The tribe is immortal! Hear me, my Merikit! Hear and repeat: Now is the season, now is the weather, for the living and the dead to feast together!
Gran Cyd, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter XV: Winter's Eve", II

For the Merikit, Winter's Night[5] (the night between Winter's Eve and Winter's Day) is celebrated by feasting with the dead, to honor them. Life and death swing on the hinges of the seasons, Autumn and Winter.[6]


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