The wolves of the Weald have a wolfish language of their own.


the hole that all men mark but none claim
a calque of the phrase the wolvers of Grimly Holt made up for the ancient privy they found in their keep during a weirdingstrom[1]
a frozen crust over deep snow[2]

Songs and poetryEdit

"Sing for us, Grimly. In your own language." […] He began to sing them a summer’s night in the Holt. A long howl, fading, swelling, fading again, traced the curve of a full moon. Yce rolled upright. Her soft yips were branches etched against its disc. […] Together they traced the black lace of twig and leaf, the strong trunks between which fireflies danced. Wind stirred the grass. Sharper notes defined the bones of the ruined keep and a burble in the throat became the stream that wound its way down the broken hall, glinting under the moon.
The Sea of Time, "Chapter XV: Winter's Tales"

The wolvers have a long tradition of songs and poetry.[3]

Grimly went south to Kothifir to study Rendish verse, and when he came home and started writing in his own language, so their poetry is influenced by Rendish to some degree.[4]


  1. Seeker's Mask, "Interim IV: The Grimly Holt" — "There was a small structure attached to the rear wall which none of the singers understood. 'It's a privy,' said the Wolver Grimly, and explained. The word meant nothing in their tongue, so they settled for a description: the hole that all men mark but none claim."
  2. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XIX: Darkness at Noon", III — " 'Yce, an orphan from the Deep Weald, or so Grimly tells me.' 'Ice?' 'Close enough. It's a wolver term for a frozen crust over deep snow.' "
  3. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 12: Night Pieces" — "Out in the Holt, the rest of the pack sang in yelps and long, crooning wails which took on the rhythms of some complex poetry."
  4. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 12: Night Pieces" — " 'Grimly became a poet instead of a pelt. The work he does in his own language is quite good—the pack is performing some of it now—' "

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