The Women's Halls at Gothregor are the center of the Women's World, the separated and rules-bound life tradition requires for Highborn women. Here, young Highborn women are schooled in the knowledge and behavior considered appropriate for their gender and station. In addition, it is where the Matriarchs of most Kencyr houses reside for at least part of the year, as do many other Highborn women who are not required to be elsewhere by their Lords.

In Seeker's Mask, Jame is restricted to the Women's Halls by Torisen after her return in an effort to turn her into a respectable Kencyr lady. She is not trusted by any of the women and actively disliked and hated by many. Her constant rebellion means that she is forced to wear an eyeless 'Seeker's mask." The Bashtiri Shadow Assasins attack the Women's Hall in a failed effort to kill the last Knorth lady. Jame kills twelve out of thirteen by blowing their souls away with a master rune. As she is leaving, Kallystine slashes her face with a razor ring.

When Torisen hears about some incedents that he connects with Jame, he storms into the Women's Halls and interrupts the Matriarchs to demand information on his sister. He informs them that he isn't required to allow them space at Gothregor. The Women's World is only prevented from being "thrown out on their collective ear" by the Jaran Matriarch telling Torisen about Jame's flight and where she is.