Grisharki's stronghold was partway up the far slope [of the valley] with steep cliffs behind it. It was square, with a tower at each corner and a crenellated battlement lined with the decaying heads of tribesmen from farther back in the hills, with whom the Grindarks waged continual war. Brown stains ran down from the crenels. The whole fortress was not very large, but its white walls gave the impression of great strength.
Torisen's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 8: Interlude with Jewel-Jaws"

Wyrden is the stronghold of the Grindarks. It is on the river Silver south of the Riverland, in the Oseen Hills.[1] When the Builders had the Grindarks build the Kencyr temples, the Grindarks also built Wyrden for themselves.[2]


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  2. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 8: Interlude with Jewel-Jaws" — " 'Oh yes, they also built Wyrden, just for themselves.' "

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