Wyrm's venom is the toxin contained in the venom of a wyrm or darkling crawler. The venom is a toxin with psychic as well as physical effects.[1]

Among the physical traits of wyrm's venom are a distinctive taste and aroma which Jame has learned to recognize after having been poisoned,[2] as well as the venom's corrosive nature. The latter trait is shared with several other toxic fluids on Rathillian, even those not of darkling origin.


  1. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 13: Converging Paths" — "When he extended his power to exclude the venom from its victim's blood, the venom resisted. When he tried even harder, it struck back. Too late, Kindrie realized he was dealing with a parasitic poison whose active principle was psychic rather than physical;"
  2. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 11: Into Shadows" — "She drank thirstily, noting without really paying attention that it had the same unfamiliar after taste as the wine she had drunk earlier, only this time the tang was much sharper."

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