No answer but that unnerving, ice-blue stare.
More than ever, she reminded him of his sister. Both seemed to be challenging him in ways he couldn't understand, or perhaps didn't want to.
Torisen's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XIX: Darkness at Noon", I

Yce is an orphan Wolver cub from the Deep Weald who was taken in by the people of the Grimly Holt. It is noted that she will be massive when fully grown and, as a deep Weald wolver, is more vicious than those of the Grimly Holt. She has pale fur and ice blue eyes, and a precariously amiable relationship with Jame's ounce Jorin.


Yce was born in the Deep Weald, the daughter of the Gnasher. He killed the rest of her litter, but somehow she slipped through.[1]

She went to Grimly Holt, and joined their pack for a while.[1] She came with the pack when they were carried to Gothregor by a wierdingstrom. She wasn't satisfied with their pack, and when they left, Yce remained behind, appointing herself Torisen's shadow. Grimly theorized this was because she was a Deep Weald wolvers, and attracted to strength, and Torisen was stronger than anyone in the Grimly Holt pack.[1]

She was about five at that time, by Torisen's guess.[2] He names her yce, the wolver term for a frozen crust over deep snow.[3]

She sticks around, being Torisen's shadow for most of To Ride a Rathorn, Bound in Blood, and Honor's Paradox. In Honor's Paradox, Yce starts learning how to shift. Word also comes around the same time that her father is hunting for her.

In The Sea of Time, she shifts more and more. The Gnasher comes north, and Yce eventually kills him. She bids Torisen goodbye, speaking for the first, and returns to Deep Weald to claim his place as King of the Wood.[4]


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